Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Failure to Follow Instructions Will Result in Death

Things that irritate me while I'm at Church:

1. The choir girls for evening Sunday Mass.  They sing quite well but find it impossible to keep their traps shut when they aren't signing!  Between the giggles and whispers I felt less like praying and more like slaying.  This past Sunday my laser beam glare, which I was secretly hoping would cause them to spontaneously melt (much like the bad guys in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) succeeded in silencing them for a short time.

2. People who applauded the giggling choir girls specifically after Fr. E said, "Don't clap for them as they are not doing this for attention, but to use their talents to praise God."  I was very hungry and quite stabby already and wanted to smack everyone who couldn't follow one simple direction.

3. Me, for being such as asshole for not being able to ignore the things that were 'bothering' me and actually pray.

4. The fact that the temperature dropped 15 degrees between the start of Mass and the end.  My sleeveless top was totally inappropriate for that change.