Friday, October 22, 2010

Puddle of Mud

I am stuck right now in the doldrums.  Writer's block keeps pounding at my mental door and I am quite cranky about this.  I have several posts that are partially written, but yet I can't find the cohesive link I need to complete any of these trains of thoughts.  Instead of mind-blowing insights and fresh repartee, my brain is tossing about random musings on the most inane things.  For example, if you were to plum the depths of my cerebral cortex you would find these various trains of thought violently derailing themselves:
---If aliens are advanced creatures of higher intelligence why would they travel light years just to probe our buttocks?  Couldn't they stay on their planet and make a plastic model?
---If comedian Dane Cook were no longer allowed to make jokes about genitals, would he still be considered funny?
---Did the advertising executives who created the ad campaign for Head-On finish last in their class? 
Do they really think by shouting "HEAD-ON!  APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD!" seven times in 20 seconds will encourage me to run to the nearest grocery store?
---How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

See, not the ideas of a great Nobel thinker right now.  But tomorrow that may change for I will be at the Festival of Reading.  Maybe I'll get some new perspective on the things I have been trying to flesh out.  Or maybe I'll come up with a series of new things to ponder.  Either way, I need a nap.