Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year -- A Year in Pictures

I've come so far during this past year, made so many changes in 2012, that I feel like a new(er) woman.

And looking back on the past 365 days I:
    Packed up my son, sold 93% of my belongings, and moved to VA for a job
Confronted some old demons and finally got the last word
Was able to bring to light my shameful struggles

Said good bye to old friends, made room for the new
Celebrated marriages

Mourned deaths

Held new life
Started "Once Upon A Southern Fairy Tale" to be published this year
Passed on my love of graveyards
And made the most kick ass costume

Rediscovered an old love, that time apart didn't diminish things
     I changed the dynamics within the my relationship with my parents, took better control of my anxieties, and braved through some rotten days.

2012, it was nice knowing ya.  2013 bring it on!