Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Russia With Love

So what's up with you Russian readers?  How did you find this link (of which I am VERY glad you did!)?  What's your opinion of this blog?  Interesting, stupid Capitalist? Crazy Westerner?  Very Funny, Charming Writer (I hope!)

I studied a lot of Russian history while I was back in college and I must say that I am thoroughly enchanted/terrified with your country.  (Reading about the KGB scared me silly.  But then again, I guess you could say that we Americans with waterboarding are just as scary.)  The rich vastness is amazing!

I'm very interested in you.  Send me a comment, drop a line, introduce yourself.  And by all means, pass this link along to your friends.  Maybe we could open up some lines of communication. 

And since it's been so Arctic cold down here (at least in my wimpy opinion), I'll raise a shot of Vodka in your honor next time I want a nip of something to warm me up.