Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the Blink of an Eye

Life is so precious and fragile.  I've never been made more aware of this fact than when I heard the news this afternoon that my dear friend was rushed to the hospital.  She gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Thursday this week but has developed severe complications.  Apparently she had an aneurysm in her kidney and lost quite a bit of blood.  The doctors have removed the damaged kidney, but are worried that she may lose one of her legs.

Alyssa has been a great source of love, laughter, strength, and Chi Lattes throughout the years.  I'm praying hard for the doctors that will be operating on her, her husband and children waiting for news, and that she has the strength and will to fight.  Hang in there, Alyssa!  

If you're reading this please send up a prayer for her safety and health.  Thanks.