Monday, May 9, 2011

Skechers Shape-ups for Girls, Now In Bruised Ego Blue!

Maybe I'm a little behind on product commercials.  Being without network or cable TV for over a year, there are things that have been out on the market for months that I am just finding out about.  Never realized there was a Popsicle maker that didn't utilize the freezer compartment and a sluggish one hour wait, but the Zoku Quick Pop Maker exists for the ADD driven adolescent who won't be made to wait.

Maybe you've already seen this product out there, maybe your darling prepubescent daughter, niece, babysitter, or your best-friends-10yr old-step-sister-from-Daddy's-mid-life-crisis is caterwauling about how the lonely and miserable their existence is because they don't yet own Shape-Ups XF High Kix by Skechers.  If you've missed the commercial here it is off of Youtube.

My favorite part?  I'm not sure if it's the depiction of boys struggling after the girls like they are a pack of beaten dogs or if it's the line "looking good and having fun."  I love, love, love the dual dejecting message that the commercial sends out.  First, boys are out of shape idiots, dressed up as junk food.  Obviously, the aren't cool nor smart enough to be fit.  Secondly, the girls wear these shoes because "they're everything a girls wants!"

Not to mention that a pair of these shoes cost 50 bucks and in this shitty economy $50 won't get you a full tank of gas.  Are you as a parent willing going to shell out for shoes that the kid will outgrow by the time they sneeze? 

What really get's me pissed off the most, and I've written about it in a prior post, is the there seems to be a subtle message aimed at girls that even at an age where they should be running around a playground during recess time, they need to be concerned about their looks. 

Just look at the adjectives used as write up for these style shoes: FIRMING, TONING, LIFTING. Okay, if you are 20-30-40 something and insecure about your ass looking too droopy, go ahead a shell out the money for these shoes.  But to we really need to be putting the idea into our girls heads that they need to be concerned about the state of their ass and thighs at the tender age of 8?