Sunday, July 31, 2011


If you think it's me, well guess again.  I don't need a facelift although I could use a bobby lift.  I'd work on getting me ole' knockers tucked back up under my chin. I miss the days when I could find a bra that wasn't just beige, black, or white.  Or the days when I could run around without a bra.

Why do clothing manufactures think the bigger you are, the less taste in clothing style you have.  Honestly, how many large women think, "Now that I weight over 200 lbs. I'd like to dress in nothing but large floral prints.  I think I'd look great looking like a giant field little children can get lost in."

Seriously clothing manufactures, get a grip!

Anyways, My Daily Diatribes is getting a bit of a facelift.  I'm trying to get the word out about yours truly and by running a blitzkrieg across the world wide web, I might get some more opportunities drummed up.  Momma's got bills to pay!

So do your part my Ministers of Mayhem!  Get your Diatribest out there!  Tell your mom, your dad, you cousin twice removed, and you best friends.  Spread my awesomeness around!