Monday, August 30, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Or in this case, it's duct tape on used liquor boxes.  I've been helping family members move this past week and it has been EXHAUSTING!  One never realizes how much useless unnecessary clutter that can accumulate over the course of a life time.  And a move is a good chance to purge the house of any remnants of things better discarded than re-carted.  

(This is a good intro to segue into a look into the interior life, but hey, it's crazy late and my brain isn't firing on more than two donuts, pizza and some cold coffee).

Some of the items found were undeveloped 15 yo film, outdated computer programming manuals, a 10lb tub of coconut oil, and a flip-flop whose mate was pitched months ago in a fit of frustration due to the inability to locate said sandal.

Since I am still job hunting/submitting works to magazines/unemployed, I know that I will be helping more throughout the rest of the week.  When this move is over, all I want to say is Calgon, take me away!