Monday, August 23, 2010

Taxed to Death

Let's face it.  Economically, we're in deep shit.  Not the ewww-I-just-stepped-in-sidewalk-doggy-doo type.  The type of situation we are in right now is aptly stated by Gunnery Sargent Hartman of Full Metal Jacket. fame, " will be in a world of shit."  While Hartman was referring to killer instincts necessary on the battle field, we could take his words at face value each day the bell sounds on Wall Street.

The economy is plummeting faster than the 1937 Hindenburg thanks to massive, ill-advised, closed-doors negotiated bail outs to banks/car manufactures/insurance industries et al, who played fast and loose in risky ventures.  Now the government is scrambling to correct these colossal errors by attacking the little man in middle America rather than punish the CEOs of these large conglomerates who are busy taking grand vacations to day spas. (Yea, that makes sense.  Unemployment rates raise monthly and yet they continue to squeeze water from a stone while the elite get chemical facial peels).

I came across this article today which further illustrates the idiotic lengths which the government is willing to go in their search to recoup lost revenue.  It seems that the cheese-steak capital of the US, home to the Liberty Bell is now hitting up bloggers for the privilege of expressing their opinion in an open forum.  So now the stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) who might earn 3 bucks a month generated from add links to Gerber products or Huggies Diapers is being hit up with a $300 mandatory business licenses.  What?? The?? Frig??

Are we seriously that desperate?  Have we lost that much common sense along with the trillions of dollars that have been flushed down the cooperate porcelain throne that we have to go after a bloggers who might make enough for a monthly 1/2 cup of coffee from their local Starbucks?  I would be hard pressed to find anyone who could agree that this constitutes as self-employment. 

It's a horrible sign of the times when we are needing to hit up the SAHM constitutes.