Thursday, September 2, 2010

They just don't make 'em like they use to

This week I have been bogged down with the continual aid at the parental property.  The MotherShip had the Wild Woman of Borneo look about her, so for the past three days, I've been logging in most of my time out in deliverance country.  No joke, there are deer that walk through the back yard and I half expect the neighbor down the road to invite the new folks to a Klan rally.  (Really, we get it.  You live in a log cabin, you have a truck with Dixie flags, and your yard is a testament to hunting.)

So while I have been unable to summon up the energy to write, I have at least collected articles of amusement and ideas that I have been running around in this highly caffeinated cerebral cortex.  The you've-got-to-be-kidding-me factor has been through the roof, and it's technically not even Friday for another 120 mins.

First up, is this brand of crazy.  I haven't followed up on it yet, but I am assuming that all over the blog-sphere one camp or another will be admiring/denouncing/sanctifying/vilifying James Lee, an obviously mentally diminished man.  It is apparent that by reading the first line of Lee's demand this is not your everyday Mother Earth Lover; he's quite off his rocker.  He hates, well, pretty much everybody.  He's no a peacnik but he's not a warmonger either.  Lee wants everyone dead so he can be Lord Cuckoo Head of the Beetle Kingdom.  The thing of this that makes me wonder the most, isn't why wasn't this person arrested back when he began causing public disturbances as we are now finding out about his prior encounters; it's why do we not have mental hospitals anymore?  I truly believe that there are people who cannot live in society, who need to be sheltered from the outside world, for their ideas of reality are far too warped.  I'm not talking about mental hospitals out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, or Girl, Interrupted  but maybe a cross between Shutter Island and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Second item up for intellectual target practice are the big bad gangbangers of Chicago.  It appears that "police and city officials do not respect them."  Well, someone stop the presses 'cuz this is the biggest shocker of my life.  Image that, citizens whose job it is to uphold the law don't like those 'self-identified gang members' who do their best to break the law.  And these upstanding Chicago boys really know how to represent their intelligence: "they were tricked into coming to the meeting, and that it amounted to harassment." 

Now here's the thing, if I were head of a gang I would be ASHAMED to admit that I was tricked by the police.  Isn't part of being a gang member/hooligan/thug with street cred supposed to be wise to the tricks of the 5-0.  Would you really want to project the image that instead of being wily like a fox, you are as dumb as Wiley Coyote?  And complaining that you were harassed by the police, isn't police harassment one of your merit badges?  Like you don't get any really respect unless the Po Po be hasslen' you every time a situation goes down. 

And of course if Chicago ever wants to see less gang violence all the city has to do is "provide jobs and improve their community."  Because of course, it's Chicago's fault for making all these gang members sell drugs, shoot out of driving cars, and destroy neighborhoods. 

Third and most lastly for the evening, vanity thy name is Zsa Zsa.  Is this even a real story or is The Onion being used as a source for real and current news?  It appears that Mr. Zsa Zsa beleives his alling wife would want to have her moral remains a la Madame Tussaud's for the entire world to gawk.  And not immortalized in wax, but to have her body pumped with plastic filler.  Wasn't Paris Hilton in a horror movie where that happened?  I don't know, it's far too weird for me. 

One might argue that Catholic do the same thing, noting the various chapel crypts in Europe where one can't throw a stone without hitting an incorrupt body, but the distinction here is that Catholics believe these people to have led holy lives, preformed miracles, and are spending their eternity in the presence of the Almighty Creator. 

I'm not too sure that Green Acres is a TV show that I'll be watching in late night reruns.