Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm so excited right now, for in 10 hours I'll be jet-bound for VA.  (But I know I won't be all that chipper when I have to roll out of bed at 4AM).  Cool weather, wonderful friends, familiar places, and new sources for inspiration.....and MEETING WITH A MAGAZINE EDITOR!!!!!!!!

That's right!  I can't believe it.  Not that I am major overnight sensation, but after releasing my blog address at the beginning of August, I've gotten some fairly interesting traffic from all over the globe: Norway, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Jordan, Canada, and the US.  And it's thanks to YOU!  To all my friends, family, and readers across the globe (BTW, how do you translate 'YOUR PROBLEM' in Norwegian?).  Thank you for forwarding my posts, laughing at my observations/mistakes/opinions, and believing in me. 

I have to keep things short tonight; still a few things to do before reveille.  Now if I could only get the strange neighbors next door to cease the Macbethian witch-like cackling and forget that I came across this article tonight: Another reason you should fear flying.