Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Smarter, Not Harder! or Why Motivational Posters Never Work

I've hit a wall tonight.  I spent over 6 hrs on the computer this afternoon working on a test for a consulting firm.  I'm so tired and burned out.  My brain hasn't worked this hard since freshman year when I arrived at my English final hung-over and bare-foot.  (A bit of knowledge to tuck away in the far reaches of your brain: 1. NEVER pack up your dorm room the day before your last final while 2. belting back large quantities of liquid courage so 3. you can tell your crush that you'll miss him all summer.  In my case, I threw away several shoes but kept their mates, had to fly home with a massive headache, and got crushed when he said he wasn't all that into me).

But the good news, I passed the first test.  I have until Thursday 7 AM to finish part two.  The bad news is that I have until Thursday 7 AM to finish part two.  All 150 questions.  Yikes!  Plus I've got a job interview tomorrow at a restaurant.  (But I don't have to deal with flair).

And funny as it may seem given my recent job was supposed to be a stepping stone to a bigger, more boring government job, I think that between the consulting gig and waitress-ing, it'll be the best move that I've made in a long time.  I'll have the flexibility to write, a vast amount of daily material to muse upon, and will enjoy the fact that I won't feel the extreme anxiety and pressure from my previous job.  My feelings for my former job are best described by this picture:

(Not that I'm thrilled to be unemployed; it was a major downer to deal with the feelings of failure and guilt that I could have done things differently.  That being said, I took some pleasure in hearing that things were exactly as terrible as I remembered them to be.  Catching up with a former colleague/friend instead of turning into bed early tonight was well worth it.)

So from now on (hopefully), I'll get my creative Energizer batteries charged by interacting with everyday people in a low key environment.  That way when I come to the key board I'll be buzzed on relevant human interaction, not grasping at creative straws while trying to suck the life force out of the 'motivational' posters on the break room wall.