Monday, April 4, 2011

Can You Make a Citizen's Arrest if the Citizen is an Asshole?

Seriously, how does Terry Jones get to walk around?  Two weeks ago he burned the Koran.  Results?  Angry Muslim stormed a UN compound and reportedly killed 20 people, beheading 2 of them.

Now, Reverend Crazy and his fucked up followers are going to put the Prophet Mohammed on trail.

I can only imagine the shit that's gonna hit the fan when this gets more press.  Honestly, does he think that burning the Koran and prosecuting Mohammed is the best way to engage angry jihadist?

I'm thinking that since Rev. Jones is so eager to stand safely a million miles away from any actual fighting, we should get together and send him on a one way trip to the front lines.  While he's there if he survives the beatings that he rightly deserves from the men and women on the front lines who he is putting in greater danger, he should be handed over to the Muslims who will punish him accordingly.

Honestly, I'm so angry. 

This alleged "man of God," disgusts me.  To throw so much gasoline on a raging fire and then refuse to accept any role in the after-effects is so cowardly. 

How is this man allowed to still walk around?  Are his actions really protected by the freedom of speech?