Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like A Little Girl With Her First Diary

I am so freaking giddy right now!!!

Less than 24 hours after Amanda and I have launch Digital Zen Ink, we are seeing huge results!  I've gotten traffic from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, China, Iran, and other countries in just one day!  Her web site views have gone up 75%

I just emailed out our first proposal, so fingers crossed and prayers said, I'm hoping to get a response by the end of the week. If I'm given the green light, I'd be writing 2 articles a week for this website, which would equal $50 a week.  Yea, $200 a month! 

Now obviously, $50/wk aint gonna cut it for paying Momma's bills, so that's why I've gotta get my hustle on.  But if I can get a start on smaller projects, bigger fish are bound to come buy.

So in the meantime, say some prayers (or even donate to my Support My Dreams Fund) that Amanda and I keep up this momentum and bring in the Benjamins!