Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Think the Term I Am Looking for is Operator Error

I love technology.

What did we do before the advent of the mobile phone, when you couldn't tell mom to pick up some more milk while she's at the store because your baby brother (who you were supposed to be keeping an eye on and not dancing to Amy Grant's Baby, Baby) pulled the gallon out of the fridge and onto the floor?

I have two different remotes that allow me to switch functions on my TV/DVD without having to leave my chair.  (I can just image the conversation with the Kiddo. . ."when I was your age, you had to walk across the room to change the channel, and cartoons were only on Saturdays."  I'm sure that will go over as well when I tried to explain to my little brother that 'the giant CDs out in the garbage can' were actually LPs.  Much confusion ensued.)

I can order books off of the Internet, request prayers or encouragement through various social networking sites, find delicious recipes without having to paw through a stack of unorganized, stained, chicken-scratched papers, and discover just how little I have in my bank account. 

But this love of technology is a bipolar love, for there are times (tonight most notably) that I HATE technology. 

See, I'm going to a college baseball game on Saturday with the Kiddo and his 'favorite' uncle/the youngest of my younger brothers which will be located in St. Pete.  You would think that a city built on a grid would be easy to navigate.  That's not what I've found out on most of my adventures to the other side of the Bay.  Last time I tried to drive from a bookstore to my therapist's office which Google Maps assured me was only 15 minutes away, I got lost for an hour!  In rush hour traffic!  On a Friday! 

Which was not fun, to put it mildly.  Profanity, crying, and running a STOP sign (accidentally!) may have been involved.

So I broke down the other night and purchased a GPS.  It came well-enough recommended, got some good on-line reviews and my research showed that for the price Wal-Mart was offering, I couldn't get it any cheaper unless I stole it.  (Which I totally didn't). 

Tonight after watching the download timer tick from 97 minutes on and not wanting to run any other programs, an error message occured in the remaining 4 seconds of downloads. 

Reason being: I forgot to disable to the firewall before downloading began.