Thursday, February 24, 2011

My X Factor- Part Duex

This week has been very trying on me.  Not that work has been exceedingly difficult or tiresome; on the contrary it's been amusing to be a Kumquat Pimp (sans the diamond topped cane) during this Fair.  I've met some really interesting people: a man who makes candles that smell like beer (For the Man Cave! as he proclaims from his booth), a man who gets to let baby kangaroos play in his apartment, and a living statue.  So being there isn't a problem.

What's been the hardest thing for me is that I've hardly seen my son at all this week.  He's been staying at my mom's house all week while I work.  I get out of the fair around 10, so by the time I were to pick him up, thus disturbing his sleep, and driving back I would have added 1 hr.  Since I can't afford the extra gas (thank you gas stations!  I almost puked when I filled up tonight and saw that the cheapest menu item was 3.32!!!) and don't want to screw up the Kiddo's sleep, I'm left trying to squeeze in a visit with him before I go back to work. 

I know I shouldn't complain, seeing as  I am fortunate to have family that can watch him for me.  I just miss him a lot.  And I can't wait for the Fair to be over. 

And to think that six years ago I was planning on hiring  a nanny to raise him while I was traveling for my hoity-toity contractor job. 

I hate not seeing you Kiddo, but it's for the both of us that I'm doing this.