Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Is How We Met

I believe that we all have an interesting story to tell but many don't know how to tell it.  So when I come across a good storyteller, I try to absorb all the minute details.  The story I heard tonight is too good not to share.

I've been working the Kumqaut booth at the county fair since Monday, situated alongside a seller of a novelty toy.  It's equally annoying and endearing to hear the owner's mother-in-law shout out in fractured English, "Splat toys!  Check it out!"

During a lull in the crowds, I asked the owner how he (a tall, solid, white boy from the South) met up with his wife (a tiny, darling, Dominican American from New Jersey).  "It was one of those mail order bride type things.  She found me on"

After I died laughing, he went on.  "Actually, we met at Wal-Mart."  I knew this had to be good.

"See I was out visiting my sister and she sent me to Wal-Mart to pick up some feminine supplies.  I was really confused about all the different options like wings, overnights, swimming, long and scented.  All I know is that my sister is a big 'ole gal and I wasn't sure what to get.  So at this point Judy (his wife) walks by and I ask her if she can help me out choosing tampons."

More loud laughter ensued on my part.  Several surrounding vendors stared at me while I struggled to regain my composure.  The owner excused himself and walked down to his other booth on the opposite side of the hall as his wife arrived laden with fried goodies from the midway.

She shared some of her delicious strawberry pizza with me (major YUM!  Have to get some tomorrow!) and we chatted a bit.  When I told her that she and her husband had the best how-we-met story I'd ever heard.

"It's really awesome that you met over tampons!  That's such a hilarious story.  I love it!" I told her.

Judy rolled her eyes, "I swear I'm gonna kill him one of these days.  He loves to tell people that story.  Truth is, we met at a trade show when he bought me a lemonade.  My husband loves to tell stories."

I fell for that well told story hook, line, and sinker because I live in a world where the unreal is quite possibly going to happen.  Seeing that I burned down a brand-new dorm room with a leaky cigarette lighter, broke the tiniest bone in my ankle while jumping INTO a window while trying to assist three car accident victims, and went on a midnight donut run with 18 people jammed in the back of a retired ambulance, incidents that may sound out of the ordinary to the average person are commonplace to me.

If something weird or unusual is going to take place, then I'll probably be involved.

I just hope my 'this-is-how-we-met story' is just as colorful.