Sunday, February 20, 2011

If You Are Looking For A Good Time, You Won't Find It Here Tonight

I am in no mood to write tonight.  I am full of piss and vinegar, surrounded by negative thoughts.  I'm only here tonight b/c of that damn bet which I refuse to lose.

How the hell are things supposed to be getting better?  Unemployment numbers are still crazy high, cost of living is skyrocketing, and each time I visit the gas station I wince.  At this point, I think a pony and carriage would be a better deal. 

I am tired of being screwed over.  I'm irritated that well laid plans are shot to hell in two minutes flat.

I'm angry that I can't stay home with my child.  I want to whine and complain about all that sucks about singlemotherhood. 

Right now I hate the sounds of baby's in Church, not because I don't like babies, but because right now their babbling and squeals of joy serve as a bitter pill that I won't be having a baby anytime soon. 

I have nothing good or nice to say right now.  I know that these frustrations are fleeting and usually boil up when I am over-tired, but damn it all, I'm pissed off.

And I swear if anyone says to me that me "getting some" will help my attitude, then I'll probably be asking you, my dear readers to help pony up for bail money b/c I am going to physically assault that person.  I figure if I'm not having sex, then at least I can kick someone's ass to help relive my stress.