Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Circadian Time My A$$

My Fisher-Price Rhino Puffalump, a steadfast bed-mate for almost 25 yrs.
Yesterday was a fail day of epic proportions.  The Kiddo and I squabbled about EVERYTHING.  In addition to him not understanding why he had to go to bed 'while it was still daytime,' which he valiantly fought against until 10PM, he did not want me to work on the computer at all.  I, of course, was wired from being uptight all day and couldn't fall asleep until 2AM.

I'm too tired to really focus, which is a shame because earlier I had a really funny idea, but it flew out of my head faster than the money disappears from my paycheck.

For now I must be content to obey the signals that my body is giving me.  Roughly translated my brain is saying: "Idiot, go take a shower because you smell like a gym sock.  You're Your intellect is duller than hospital hallway wallpaper and the bags under your eyes have their own set of luggage now."