Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I can't really express my words of gratitude tonight.  I received my first donation today towards keeping my dreams alive and it totally caught me off guard.

See, for the past week I have writing and re-writing (mostly in my head) a post on self-promotion but I keep kept shying away from the topic because I am not good at promoting myself, that is unless I am trying to BS my way through an interview for a job.  (I'll have to relay the story of landing a job as a liaison to Australia/New Zealand when I didn't even own a passport.)  (I still don't have a passport.)

But taking my cue from my head-shrinker, a college professor, and a wandering musician I have to put myself on the line and be constantly selling myself.  I have a gift and a talent that yearns to be put to good use, so I have to tell the world.  I really and truly believe that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  Now here's the hardest part for me.  Self-promotion in the form of begging.  But if I look at it as start up money for a new company, I can understand it better.

For ages now, my dearest friend KG, has been telling me, "Damn it!  Write a book and people will buy it."  At this point I am writing and putting together posts/stories for a cohesive book to publish to Kindle, but I have no guaranteed profit.  And since I want to pay my bills while I try to write I have to look for some seed money for my dreams.

Falcon 1_5 was the first to put her money on the line.  And now she's top on my honor roll list.

So I'm asking you to join her on the honor roll and make a donation towards funding my dreams.  Did you give up Starbucks for Lent?  Decide to cut out the bi-weekly run to McDonald's because your waistline is getting larger?  Do you have a jar of loose change that needs to be cashed in?  Like Martin Luther, did you make a rash promise to God during a moment of duress and feel like you need to 'pay up'?  Maybe you could use that extra money on a donation.  

I'm not picky.  If you want to send $2 or $200, I'll be thrilled either way.  Every little bit counts, not only towards my expenses, but to the most important thing I have lacked for so long. . .confidence.  It touches me to know that I have the support of a growing community and I feel so blessed to see the effects of my hard work beginning to pay off.  (You'd think a day of social networking and writing is easy, but it's not!  I can't believe how difficult it is to "get noticed" if you're not already famous.)  (Note to future self: If you are ever rich and famous, it is your job to help others 'get noticed' and to use your money to aid many others, like you have been aided.)

I'm not asking for much.  I'm going for that whole beatitudes approach, "Ask and ye shall receive." 

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised to see a handful of donations from some close friends.  Maybe one of my international readers in India, Australia, Russia, or France will chip in.  Or maybe nothing will come of it.  But I don't know until I ask, until I put myself out there.

Thank you so much Falcon 1_5 for believing in me.